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"myDEER" Projektfejlesztési Workshop


myDEER 2010
Participating Projects


Cracow by Polanski
(HDV, 25 min)


Cracow by Polanski


The title of the film refers to Roman Polansky's autobiography "Roman by Polansky". This book was an inspiration to show places and people in Cracow who still remember the director and live by his legend.


Roman Polansky lived in Cracow during 1937-1955 - almost 20 years of his life. These years formed him to become one of the most popular directors of the world. The end of 30's it was Jewish Cracow where out of 250 thousands inhabitants circa 50 thousands were Jews. It was one of the happiest time in young Roman's life.


The Second World War made him leave the Cracow ghetto and he lost his family. He was hidden by a Polish family near Cracow. After the war till 1955, it was not only the hard Stalin's time but also the time when young Roman discovered his passion to art: especially to cinema. In these times he played in social realistic plays in Young Spectator Theatre in Cracow and in puppets plays in Groteska Theatre.


Finally he left Cracow for Lodz in 1955 to study directing at the Film Academy. In his first etudes there were many thoughts and scenes about Cracow...


Director: Maciej Grabysa
Mobile: + 48 509 264 603
Email: mgrabysa@poczta.onet.pl


Producer: Jaroslaw Manka
Mobile: +48 510 258 568
Email: jarmanka@o2.pl




Hungarian Style
(HD, 35 min)


Hungarian Style


Hungarian Style is a funny film about manhood and patriotism.


Twelve Hungarian men decided to set up as a group and identify themselves through their mustache. Mustache in general is a symbol of manhood and patriotism for them. They organize local contest for moustache in a small village in Hungary. One day the Hungarian Moustache group realize that there is a much bigger contest, a real European Championship for moustache and even Hungarian style moustache is open for the contestants.


During the last ten years German did not have strong competition in Hungarian style.

Now the real Hungarians preparing to beat down the perfectionist Germans in the next European Championship that takes place in October 2010 in Salzburg.


Director: Nóra Lakos
Mobile: +36 70 55 61 509
Email: lakosnora@gmail.com


Producer: Gregor Streiber
(Inselfilm Produktion)
Mobile: 0179/217 1998
Email: gregor@inselfilm.info


Coproducer: Angelusz Iván
(Katapultfilm Ltd.)
Mobile: +36 30 9511 222
Email: info@katapultfilm.hu




A Place to Win
(HD, 50 min)




This documentary is about the mysteries of the so-called 'lottery-houses', exploring a unique place where only winners have been living. These people have one thing in common: during the days of the fashionable lottery game - between 1958 and 1968 - they all won a flat in a sweepstake for special prize.


How can past send us a message through the traces of an old building? How much is the building connected to its beginning while so many changes have happened during its history of 50 years? The 'lottery-house phenomenon' raises many interesting questions to answer:


How can a building become part of our cultural memory through its function? May this 'lottery legend' eliminate or escalate in the present modern environment?


Director: Petra Pelsőczy
Mobile: +36 30 58 55 176
Email: pelsoczy.petra@gmail.com


Producer: András Muhi
(Inforg Stúdió)
Mobile: +36 30 242 39 82
Email: muhi@inforgstudio.hu




Regina Jonas
(HD, 70 min)



Regina Jonas was the first female Rabi in the World. The documentary film shows her life and the Jewish Berlin life at that era and also talks about the flourishing everyday culture of Berlin between 1927-1933, the Nazi's impact and the war's effect on the culture in general.


Regina Jonas is a very brave female character who could do her best as a human, as a woman and as a Jew in a very troubled historical period during the time of Hitler's regime.


Her correspondence with Rabbi Norden, her only lover, survived (over 100 letters).


Besides interviews and archives, this correspondence shall guide us to understand her personality and the history of Europe, she was part of.


Director: Diana Groó
Mobile: +36 30 286-4183
Mail: groodiana@yahoo.ca


Producer: Júlia Berkes
Mobile: +36 70 422 7110
Email: berkesjuli@gmail.com




The Rise of the Snow Leopard
(HD, 90 min)



Zsolt Erőss is the most successful Hungarian mountaineer. So far he has climbed 8 of the highest peeks in the world, Mount Everest among others. On 2 January 2010 he suffered an accident in the High Tatras breaking both his legs. Because of the expected complications of the open, splintered fracture and for the sake of the possibility of the early rehabilitation - has his own decision - his right leg was amputed from knee downwards.


The 90-minute documentary follows through the recovery of Zsolt Erőss and the upcoming Himalaya expedition. The storyline starts with the moments after the surgery, then continues with getting accustomed to the protetic leg, and practising the movements.


The film is shot on HD raw material with Canon 5 D cameras. During shooting we use film optics in order to make the visual more 'feature film-like'. The structure of the documentary is linear, it follows the main character from the amputation to climbing the peek in Himalayas.


Director: András Kollmann
Mobile: +36 30 621 9863
Email: andras.kollmann@gmail.com


Producer: Gulyás István
Mobile: +36 20 446 5026
Email: kalifornia.kft@gmail.com


Coproducer: Ádám Tősér
Mobile: +36 20 446 5026
Email: toseradam@gmail.com




Roma Rally
(HD, 45 min)



Two young Gypsy kids from a small village at a pauper area decided to take part in a rally at the age of 7. Now they are 17 and one of them got the driving license. They went through a lot of misery since then: grew up in an extremely poor family, got separated from each other because one of them lost his sight, so he moved to the capital, to study in a special school. The other one studies to become a car mechanic. Now they only meet on weekends at their grandparents' place.


They tried to get support for the rally, but all they got is a 30-year-old car. They are going to get it now, and the plan is to fix it together. The aim is to take part in the rally, which they have been planning for 10 years, but no one knows if there is any chance even to get there. If yes, then anything can happen.


A film is a story of two special kids, with a multiple disadvantaged background who try to get somewhere from a further back staring line.


Director: Gábor Hörcher
Mobile: +36 70 5215705
Email: horcherg@gmail.com


Producer: Márton Horn
Mobile: +36 30 290 4372
Email: hornmarton@gmail.com


Coproducer: Peter Tatrai
Mobile: +36 20 244 2723




7 days with Gypsies
(working title, HD, 80 min)



A documentary film exploring the question how does the Roma minority react when another outsider, a filmmaker of Iraqi origin approaches them to make a film about their life. A gentle film about an unlikely meeting, the common issues a foreigner and a minority face in Hungary, how the similarity in their appearance, the joint feeling of not belonging draws them to each other and opens them up.


I am from Iraq, I studied in Hungary in the eighties and now revisiting my experience with the Gypsies, when I stumbled upon a village in South-Eastern Hungary while location scouting for a feature film. I was so drawn to the people of Baks and to their stories that I made several visits, the result of which is a 40 minute pilot of the film I intend to make.


The 40 minute version was shown at the Filmszemle, Budapest in 2009.


Director: Koutaiba Al-Janabi
Mobile: +44 7956 831 060
Email: koutaiba@hotmail.com




Wonderful Gladiators
(HD CAM, 55 min)



Baltazar Theater is the only professional acting association in Hungary that consists of mentally challenged actors. The association was founded by Dóra Elek in 1998, inspired by the Belgian Théatre du Plantin (founded in 1983), which also works with mentally deficient actors. Though the actors are mentally handicapped, their accomplishments are not measured by their abilities, but by the expectations of the audience. Their performances are as of equal quality as any other 'normal' theaters.


The goal of the film is to popularize and support the special effort that Baltazar Theater signifies. HBO with its large audience could take part in the development of a culture that offers the chance of social integration to mentally challenged people. Another goal of the documentary is to change the social view on those who are in some way handicapped.


Director: Zsofia Varga-Kabarcz
Mobile: +36209222203
Email: zsofi@newangle.hu


Producer: Panna Boros
Mobile: +36303966089
Email: panna@newangle.hu


Coproducer: Katalin Schulteisz
Mobile: +36202751338
Email: katalin.schulteisz@hbo.hu




Young Forever
(HDV, 83 min)


Who wants to get old? Who is welcoming the first wrinkles, grey hair or no hair at all?


Annually 7 million of rejuvenating surgeries are made and the number keeps rising. Still, it seems to satisfy only the surgeons, not the patients.


The film is a road movie in a search for "elixir of youth". One women quest to find out what is possible to do to slow down the cruel process of physical and psychical decadence and find the reconciliation with the aging.


The documentary strives to introduce this subject in an intimate and humorous manner. Although some of the newest scientific research will be shown in the movie, it is a personal journey with a humorous tone.


The film's main conflict evolves between a person's desire to stay young and nature's cycle of birth, growth, decay and death - the fight goes on within ourselves.


Director: Diana Fabiánová
Mobile: +421907723244
Email: diana.fabianova@ubak.eu


Producer: MIroslava Sklenárová
Mobile: +421904662322
Email: sklenarova@gmail.com