• Dialektus Fesztivál 2002
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2004
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2008
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2009
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2010



Main sponsors

  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
  • Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary)
  • Budapest - IX. District


Dialëktus Festival 2007

Budapest, Marczibányi Téri Cultural Center


European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival
Cultural Centre of Marczibányi Square
1022 Budapest, Marczibányi Square 5/A.
Phone: 212-28-20


The Moszkva Square can be reached from any point of
the city by subway no. 2 (the red one) or tram no. 4, 6.

Shopping centres Mammut 1 and 2 can be found at one
end of Moszkva Square. You can reach Marczibányi
by entering Lövőház Street between the two
shopping centres. So the location of the festival can be
reached in about 10-15 minutes from Moszkva Square.


Grand Hostel

Grand Hostel

H-1028 Budapest, Hüvösvölgyi Avenue 69.
Telephone: (+36) 1 274-11-11


The hostel can be reached from Moszkva Square in 8 minutes by tram no. 56. You must travel 7 stations from Moszkva tér to Kelemen László utca station.


From the station you can already see the colourful building of the hostel. You walk 200 meters straight ahead nearby the tram rails.



IX. Ráday Street 18.

(student hostel, Budapest, IX. district)


You take subway no. 2 (the red one) from Moszkva Square to station Astoria. There you take tram no. 47 or 49. you go only one station to Kálvin tér. By going southwards from here you can enter Ráday street (pedestrians only). You can reach Ráday no. 18. at the first intersection (Erkel street) on the left side nearby a Chinese restaurant. You cross the first patio straight ahead and enter the second patio. You enter the staircase at the right end of the patio. Near the stairs turn right to the front door. You can get here in about 20 minutes from Moszkva Square.