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"myDEER" Projekt development Workshop



Based on the feedback of applicants and the request of potential candidates we have decided to extend the submission deadline, and clarify the terms of application.


The new deadline is 28th April 2010.


  • Filmmakers and projects from any European country are welcome, but their creative documentary project has to have a strong thematical link to at least one Visegrad country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland or Hungary), or shot in one of the above mentioned countries.
  • The organizers and tutors of the workshop strongly support projects that are shot in MORE THAN ONE V4 country, or deal with the culture, social problems or everyday life of the V4 countries more generally, as well as projects that enhance cooperation between the above mentioned countries.
  • Projects have to be in development or production phase, and both director and producer should be present during the four-day intensive training course. The workshop's language is English.



"myDEER" Creative Documentary Development workshop in Budapest, Hungary


"myDEER" Documentary Project Development Workshop will be held in Budapest, between the 22nd and 26th June 2010, within the frames of Dialektus European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival. The four-day-training course financed by the International Visegrad Fund aims at developing creative documentary projects coming from all over Europe but with a special focus on the life and culture of the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary).


"myDEER" is an intensive training course for professional filmmakers with an internationally acknowledged head of studies, Tue Steen Müller and a regional expert András Péterffy, and several individual tutors. Its goal is to foment international coproductions, especially with the participation of Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian filmmakers and producers, to create a professional network and help filmmakers enter the European documentary film scene. The course brings together the insights of regional film traditions: the new trends in Hungarian and Slovak filmmaking, the Czech humour and the Polish cinematographic style to produce innovative works for the contemporary European documentary market.


The training finishes with a pitching forum in front of festival participants and guests, tutors and invited filmmakers and producers from the region - in the spirit of the course's motto: "Pitching is not (just) raising money, but it is the best project development tool."


The new deadline is 28th April 2010.

Selection and notification of participants: 30th April 2010.


For further details click here.


Klara Trencsenyi coordinator
E-mail: mydeer@dialektusfesztival.hu



"myDEER" Project Development Workshop

Budapest, 2010. june 22-26.


My Deer welcomes European creative documentary projects in development or production phase that are shot in one of the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary), or projects where the culture or everyday life of a V4 country is represented.
During the four-day intensive training course both director and producer of the project should be present, and both have to be fluent in English.


Extended application deadline: 28th April 2010.


The selection and notification of participants will take place by the 30th April 2010.


Participation fee (this covers tuition, room and board but does not include travelling expenses):


The participation fee has to be paid by the 15th May 2010 on the account of the Palantír Film Foundation.


Further scholarships will be available for participants coming from non-EU or new accession countries.


Application should include:



A detailed program and individual tutors' names will be available the first week of May 2010 on our website.


The four-day-course will be led by an internationally acknowledged head of studies, Tue Steen Müller, and a regional expert, András Péterffy.


"I'm always trying to make people understand that there is a big difference between a journalistic reportage and a creative documentary. The difference is, first of all, that in a creative documentary you can feel that somebody is talking to you; there is a voice in the film, a signature, a handwriting, and there is an approach, meaning that you can feel that here is somebody who is talking to you from a specific point of view, somebody who has something that he or she wants to tell you..."
(Tue Steen Muller)


"Creative documentary is not just a genre, a technique, a methodology - but it is the radiation of the author's self.
My Deer Course offers a creative atmosphere and creative methodology to help each project grow. We provide participants with the necessary visual and experimental tools in order to be unique, but universal in the same time, and we help them reach the international documentary market as well as a wider audience."
(András Péterffy)


The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


Our partners are:

International Visegrad Fund
Institute of Documentary Film (Cz)
Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing (Pl)
Polish Institute of Anthropology (Pl)
Early Melons International Student Film Festival (Sk)



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